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The Great Felt Caper

So the experiment continues -- this time with a black felted tote for my mother. This one's bigger, with more (and cooler) hardware. It also took me about half the time to assemble than the first one. The jump in proficiency's not that surprising until I mention that I made the lining for bag #3 during House last night.

But yes. This one. I enoy it :)

Here we go. The entire outside world today is a riot of bice green pollen, that, beaten out of plants by the rains we've had, is now drying up in today's crazy intense sun and blooming like tiny histamine causing particles of death into the air. All that's to say ... these pictures were taken VERY QUICKLY.

Fully lined with that paisley fabric I'm so crazy about, and with an inside pocket.

It holds a ton. It's stuffed to nowhere near maximum occupancy in this shot.

[so basically, at a "lightly stuffed" phase, it holds comfortably: a vitamin water, pack of gum, wallet, cell phone, keys, sunglasses, small knitting project, and a John Irving novel. not too shabby]

Detail shots: Inside zippered pocket with silver charm, magnetic snap closure, and bag feet.
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