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A rant & some new stuff.

Rant first: Ya'll -- I like They've got tons of stuff, some of which {like my magnetic closures} no one else really has. However, it took over a month to get my order, and this is counting the five or so times I got in touch with them to see what the hell was up. Customer Service lady 1 said - Oh, the expiration date on your card wasn't going through! I said, Ok -- you should really have contacted me with that information. A week later, Customer Service lady 2 said - Your address isn't going through. I said, Ok -- here's my address to verify, but -- you really should have contacted me with that information. A week later, and a week after that, Customer Service ladies 3 & 4 thanked me for my inquiry, said my order was fine, and that I'd get notification when it shipped. The day the order arrived at my house (one month and four days after it was ordered), I got the email notification that it had shipped.

And four sets of handles (the bulk of the order) were out of stock by the time it shipped, so I didn't even get them. They were in stock a month ago. When I ordered them. Jerks.

So! After that ridiculously long gap in production, I was thrilled to finally finish up two bags that have been languishing in bag-purgatory. Really thrilled. Embarrassingly so.

So, here we go! Bamboo handles and bright green wool.

And, since it took so long to finish, it comes with a bunch of interchangeable pins to decorate the outside.

Fully lined with an inside slash pocket.

I've started Scotch Guarding the liners, so -- tote those schvitzy bottles of water without fear!

It's smaller than the other bags, so far, but still holds the basics (demonstrated here by a John Irving novel, my wallet, and keys. Oh and my cell phone's tucked in the inside pocket.)

And now, the answer to "but can the bag itself be stripey?" Sources say: TOTALLY.

Lined with that Classified Ad fabric I'm so fond of, with an inside pocket.

This one's bigger, and can hold a ton. (And here's another John Irving novel, my wallet, keys, a bag of white chocolate M&M's {not as good as I'd expected!!}, my cell phone, and a bottle of hand cream!)

When I get home from Anytown training, stuff will start going up at my new shop: ! I can't wait.

Have a great weekend!!
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