stef (stefstein) wrote in s2crafts,

ok, maybe just one more today...

There were going to be two more today, but I have been waylaid by ... nature kicking me in the abdomen. Pretty hard. BUT ANYWAY.

This spicy little cephalopod is knit from 100% merino wool, and stands (well, not "stands") just over 7" long (with tentacles) and 2" at his widest point.

We had
an outdoor photoshoot, with F.D. chilling on the grill cover, relaxing on the lounge chair, and doing what I assume can be called "chillaxing," on the top of the deck box. However, it appears that bright red yarn + high noon sun = a recipe for crazy overexposure with colors so overblown they kill all definition and detail in the shot. NOT FUN TIMES.So, we came back inside to Ye Olde Workstation (well ... Me Olde Workstation) and took a few more in the dining room's natural, diffused light. Yay!

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