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check your neck

The Honeycomb stitch neckwarmer:  Since these take up such a small space, I think it's a good idea to use a great, textured stitch to pack as much visual interest in the littlest area. This is a honeycomb slip stitch, which actually has tons of tiny holes in it, but due to the depth and texture of the resulting fabric, it's still really warm. More (larger) pictures here & here.

Black Sheep/Lamb/Spritely scarves: These are a little series of scarves, all knit in different colors of this awesome, nubby yarn. They're great transition scarves for fall/early winter. They're short enough not to flap around too much -- they look good doubled, with the ends pulled through the loop [I described that badly ... like this]. Black Sheep, Lamb, and Spritely [another]
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