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say, can you show me something in a plaid?

Today's brief trip to the craft store for one yard of fabric to line mom's bag proved that "lack of space" isn't the only reason my sewing machine lives in storage and not the apartment.

Granted I only walked out of there with four yards of fabric (aaaaaand one skein of yarn and a card of buttons and some more interfacing and a pack of gum and a zipper), but the number only got so low after fifteen minutes of serious deliberation among bolts of fabric. I just loved ... all of it. The cool thing about using fabric primarily just as bag lining is that you can get by handily with buying just one yard, so it's inexpensive, and since it's going to be inside a bag (and since it's me we're talking about, the bag will most likely be a solid color), you can really pick crazy colors and patterns that might otherwise be impossible to use for a garment. Experimentation at a reasonable price. Color me happy.

[all pics will open in new window]

So, four fabrics. I'll admit, right up front, one was for me...
reminds me of popsicles, for some reason Lime green, chocolate, and sky blue -- it's one of those color combinations that's like kryptonite for me (see also: pink & chocolate, red and teal, pink and teal, yellow & white). Normally, I won't buy something unless I have something specifc in mind for it, but ... I snagged this guy anyway.

As for the mom, I narrowed it down to two choices.
There on the left we have the Hawaiin-esque print, aaaand on the right some truly dizzying paisley. That one's a great example of a pattern that would be hideous if given a whole garment, but if used as an accent makes for a little spark of interest. The lining of the bag -- especially a black bag like mom's -- is a perfect peek-a-boo way to show off a loud pattern. I like both of these, I really do. I kind of hope mom chooses paisley, though. My brain's working on an idea for the Aloha print, maybe something with that deeper orange color inside the flowers.

So that's two for mom, and one for me. Ok. I lied. There were two for me, but only because this last one caught my eye and I couldn't leave without it. It's this bizarre, classified-ad print with bits circled in red hearts ... honestly, it's just so bizarre that I needed to have it. [slodwick: especially when I saw this part]. I have no idea what I'm doing with this, but I don't care. I love it.
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