stef (stefstein) wrote in s2crafts,

handbags (no ... gladrags to speak of, sorry 'office' fans)

Felted bags. I have a long, painful history with felted bags where I find a pattern I love, follow it slavishly, and fail. Fail miserably, in fact. Mind you, there have been some successes (laptop bag from SNBN, I'm looking at you), but overall ... meh. So, after my third or fourth hideously misshapen Sophie (great pattern. no offense. i'm just cursed.), walking around the house going "frakking damn sophie stupid waste my YARN and grumble mumble grumble" -- I realized that the pattern wasn't my problem. My problem was that I was blindly following a pattern and expecting something from it it couldn't give. Therefore, I had to break away.

My new personal felted bag philosophy owes a lot to Sophie. The super obvious and helpful "knit a bottom piece, then pick up stitches for the bag body" thing is ... well. Super obvious, like I said, but absolutely essential and the sort of thing I just wouldn't have thought up (cursed and bright!). My mom also sketched out her general ideas for a bag she wanted, and together we discussed single strand vs. double, patons vs. cascade, knit handles vs. purchased, etc etc.

I decided a new round of experiments were in order. When that initial attempt was a success, I was thrilled. Further experiments are pending (I'm nearly done with a larger, black, tote-bag shaped one for my mom), but I wanted to show off the first point in what is hopefully an uptick in my dealings with felt.

So here it is! Just a base, with stitches picked up in the usual way. Very little shaping. The flower's based loosely on the pattern from Patons.

Fully lined with an inside pocket.

And it actually holds a ton more stuff than I'd expected it to.

[, I don't generally have a copy of "Oleanna" and season 1 of Stargate: Atlantis on my person. shut up, I don't]
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Stef, that's a thing of freaking BEAUTY. You're the winner of bags, I swear.

Oh! BTW. I keep emaning to tell you - a bunch of people here have said that if you had a catalogue or something (the British, we love a catalogue) they'd definitely want to order form you.

Just a thought!
I would love to get something together -- it's definitely next on my "figure out how to do this" list :)

[And thank you!!]
Wow.....I really really really really want that. I love the thick black handles and yay pink lining! And I strangely really like that color, even though I mostly dislike yellow with a passion.

You should see my sister's box of felting disasters. It is the most hilarious box of felted mishaps ever.
Dude, me too. Yellow's creeping up on me via colors like this, and I don't like it!

I've been recycling my felting disasters by chopping them up and using them to stuff toys & the like -- it's not wasteful, they don't just sit around the house, and it has the added bonus of getting the hideous failures out of sight.
[, I don't generally have a copy of "Oleanna" and season 1 of Stargate: Atlantis on my person. shut up, I don't]

But they totally go together! Why *wouldn't* you carry those around all the time?

In other news, felting unnerves me like whoa because I don't want to spend a bunch of time (and yarn) knitting something and then not have it work *and* not be able to frog it and start over. The thing I like about knitting is that I can salvage yarn from non-workable projects and do something else with it.

On the other hand, that bag is super-cute and I want to make one. *is conflicted*
I'm a firm believer that SGA would be 10x even better if they started writing the characters some Mametesque dialogue. Heavy on the cursing, too. It'd be awesome.

And dude ... felting? ALWAYS Russian roulette. Part of me will always hate it for the very reasons you mentioned. That's also why I was all Ohthankgod! when ^that^ bag worked out. At least I know if I use *this* yarn *this* way, some of the terrifying chance involved is lessened.
oh god that's gorgeous. that is the niftiest bag ever.