stef (stefstein) wrote in s2crafts,

rust & clutch

...that subject line makes this whole thing sound far more Action!-y than it should. Oh well, we press on.

I like this one. Rust colored wool lined with [Scotch Guard-ed] navy & white print. Bamboo handles with silver hardware, magnetic snap closure, and a sterling silver sipper pull on the inside pocket.

The little puffy flower pin is made from the same fabric as the lining. It's like a sneak preview of what's inside...

As always, fully lined with an inside zipped pocket.

It holds at the very least a bottle of water, sunglasses, wallet, cell phone, pack of gum and -- of course -- a John Irving novel.

Maybe it's the paisley lining that looks like tiny whales, maybe it's the deep sunset color paired with the cool blue lining -- but there's something about this bag that strikes me as nautical.

And now for something completely slightly different...

Lined with a nice, neutral beigy print that either looks like branches or coral, depending on which of my family members you believe. It's got a matching zipper and sterling silver charm for a zipper pull, and a generous wrist loop made from the lining fabric.

Holds all the essentials -- cell phone, keys, money, a compact, camera, etc...

There are more things up every day in the s2 gallery and at ! Bookmark it, my babies!
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