stef (stefstein) wrote in s2crafts,

squid are the new monkeys

This is Squidworth, the oldest of the group. Taking those glorious tentacles into consideration, he's a whopping 16" long, and only 3" at the widest part of his squiddy body.

He's knit from 100% merino wool, hand-dyed a light pinkish shade.

And this is Blooie, who is less an identifiable species of cephalopod and more just ... a cute little guy who happens to have tentacles.

He's knit of the softest, squishiest 100% baby alpaca imaginable, and measures 7.5" long [including tentacles] and 3.5" high. More pictures of him here.

Aaaaaaaaand Li'l Greenie. I admit, I love this guy. I think he's the cutest thing ever, even if the name I gave him means I get "The Jean Genie" stuck in my head twelve times a day. But it's ok! It's Bowie. There are worse songs to have stuck in one's head.

But back to Greenie. He's knit from hand-dyed 100% merino, in the same colorway from the algae handwarmers, and measures in at a truly little 4.5" long [inlcuding his wee tentacles] and 2.5" (!) wide.


When not taunting their neighbor TRex, the cephalopods like posing for pictures.
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