stef (stefstein) wrote in s2crafts,

hate to say "i can totally do that"

Well, no. I don't hate to say that at all.

I don't even know why I said that.

Anyway, yesterday Slod pointed out a little buttoned scarflet on someone else's site, and I said "I can name that tune in three notes!" And by that I mean, I actually said "I can totally knit that."

My camera's batteries are dying, and the light is particularly bad today. All of this is to say ... forgive my face.

Mohair/acrylic blend with a big vintage button & several buttonholes for best fit.

Friday night I was sitting near a pile of yarn waiting to be dyed, and I suddenly realized that I never work with light colors, really (What I just posted notwithstanding). So I knit up a cabled hat in the white, and it came out beautifully. I think it'll look great in the winter, especially for someone with dark hair.

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